Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!

I've been bestowed quite an honor... Kate from Paved from Good Intentions thinks I'm excellent! Not only is it cool that someone really enjoys reading my blog and thinks it qualifies as excellent, it was Kate! I totally think she's excellent! I read her posts out loud to my husband so he can know how cool and funny she is. If I lived on the West Coast near her, I'd want to be her friend.

So I've made Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan proud by being excellent. Now I get to let you folks in cyberspace know about some other folks that I think are equally great.

After some deep thought, here's who I pass this award on to and why:

Kendraspondence is a super fun blog. Kendra is a Boston gal who is nothing if not hilarious. She's a talented wordsmith and I just love her take on life. Not to mention she's got an adorable new baby girl, and who doesn't think a blog with new baby girl's are excellent!

Speaking of adorable baby girls, my next recipient has 2 of them, twins in fact! Nicole of Ginka's Goodies is someone I actually know in real life off the web, and she's a sweetheart. But that's not just why she's excellent, her blog is great. She has lots of great every day stuff, but I love her Indian foods. Some of her hubby's family is still in India, so I know her stuff is good. Now I just need to build up the courage to try some!!!

The last blog I want to recognize as Excellent is Oishii, a blog written by an American, Brianna, living in Japan. Just like Ginka's Goodies, Oishii is an ethnic smorgasbord. Her perspective on trying to cook standard American fare as well as highlighting some of the wonderful cuisines around her. And on top of enjoying all the food, I love hearing about her experiences overseas- very cool!

So that's it! Congrats from little 'ol me gals!

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