Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

As an American foodie, you have to love Thanksgiving. It's all about love, and family, and FOOD. It's just the best.

For the second year now, Adam and I hosted. Our families are pretty small to begin with, and our house is even smaller, so we keep the "crowd" to a minimum. Once again my parents and little brother (not so little any more- he's 21!) came up on Wednesday afternoon and left on Friday. And this year, as a special treat, both my mother and father in law came up on Thursday! They live in Florida now and travelling is just not worth it. But circumstances made it possible to spend the holiday together- it was so wonderful.

And the food was pretty darn good too! My in-laws brought some delicious wine that we polished off between the 7 of us. My mom made pumpkin bread and marinated carrots. They also made pancakes and bacon for us on Thanksgiving morning. I made the rest and enjoyed every moment!

For appetizers we had Spiced Nuts, Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets, and Pecan Stuffed Mushroom Caps.

Dinner was so good and had all the trimmings. Bro is a vegetarian, so all of the side dishes were meat-free. We had a big turkey that I roasted with oranges and herbs in the cavity and minced herbs and butter under the skin. The pictures came out terrible though, so I won't be sharing! Sides were mostly easy as the appetizers and desserts were the stars. We had canned peas, canned cranberry sauce (in can shape of course!), homemade rolls, pumpkin bread, Mom's marinated carrots, smashed potatoes, gravy (thanks to Mom), and stuffing. Man, it was so good. I'll post the rolls ans stuffing recipe shortly.

Dessert was by far the best- marbled pumpkin cheesecake and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. [drooling...] We indulged in more wine and coffee and everyone tried both of the desserts! We even ate cheesecake for breakfast the next day. Those posts are to follow as well.


Jacki said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I would like to say, PLEASE post the recipe for the marbled pumpkin cheesecake. That sounds so good! I've enjoyed looking at your blog!

Erika said...

Oh geez, I know- I am SOOOO behind! The good news is I've got a 4 day weekend (ok, 3 as Xmas is no relaxing day) to catch up.

The cheesecake really was pretty too... it's at the top of the list, I promise! And thank you so much for the compliments- I'm glad you enjoyed perusing around!