Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gah- I've Been Hit!


It's happened... I've been hit, tagged, made it, singled out (well, singled along with 7 others!), thrown into a small Internet spotlight. And I know who got me... it was Kate of Paved with Good Intentions, a really entertaining blog- as my mom would say, "she's hot shit!" I think if we lived near each other- rather than, um, on completely opposite sides of the country (Portland and San Diego?!) we'd totally be buds. (Does anyone say "buds" any more?)

So here's the deal... I've got to come up with 8 facts that can be considered interesting. I personally think everything I do is interesting, but from the bored faces I get from my husband, parents, and best friends when I tell stories, it is clear my opinion is in the minority. Once I regale you with this fascinating data, I then have to pick up my virtual sniper riffle and hit another 8 bloggers... newbies watch out!

1. I have quit almost every extra curricular activity I've been signed up for when I was a kid. It's not that I'm not a team player, I just get really bored with things quickly. Let's name the things I've quit: little league baseball, ballet dancing, tap dancing, gymnastics, trumpet lessons, soccer, Brownies, and Girl Scouts. I probably would have quit piano lessons if I could of, but Mom and Dad would have no part of it.

2. I have been playing handbells through various churches for close to 2 decades. Bells are so much fun and I started playing when I was too small to even see over the table- I had a designated box to stand on! I play the little treble bells and am pretty skilled. My choir plays a paid concert at Christmastime that usually sells out.

3. I married my high school sweetheart. But he didn't go to my high school and we broke up for about 4 years around college. All my friends knew we were stupid for each other and it was just a matter of time before we tied the proverbial knot. We remained best friends while we were not dating and no, we never kissed once during our off time.

4. Cops is one of my favorite shows on TV. The best episodes either have someone running away from the cops and they get the dogs sent on them or have drunk/ high people generally acting ridiculous. And I love it when they have shows where someone has no shirt on and has a bad mustache/ hair do- oh wait, that's all of them.

5. The picture of me on my blog here is not accurate. It is from just about 2 years ago on my honeymoon. That is the one and only time I've ever had hair that long and it drove me crazy! I currently have my hair so short that nothing hits the back of my neck and the front angles down just to my chin. However, after looking at my pretty wedding hair, I've decided to grow it out again. It'll never last though- long hair drives me nuts.

6. I took Japanese for a semester in college and all I can say is "Watashiwa, ichi-nichi ju beiro to saki o nomimas." I'm sure I butchered that spelling. It means "All day long I drink beer and sake." Useful, huh?

7. I collect Catwoman stuff. I have over 100 comic books of her title, figurines, dolls, posters, and other miscellaneous stuff. I have dressed up at Catty for Halloween at least 7 times and have black vinyl pants that are perfect. (I can't fit one ankle into them any more though. So sad.) However, I have yet to see the awful Halle Barre movie. It's been on my DVR for months now and I just can't bring myself to watch it- it is so inaccurate and cheesy compared to the real Selina Kyle storyline.

8. I once attended a private party in Malibu that Alan Thicke came to. I was more popular than him though. My friends' uncle is loaded and throws these insane "cookouts" every Sunday at his Malibu place. (Side note as a reference to #7 above- his Hollywood hills house is next door to Michelle Pfiefer- the movie Catwoman.) My friend and I were enjoying the sushi, grilled chicken, and free booze when we look over and see Alan Thicke standing around by himself, looking out of place in a white linen suit. It was sad really. I wanted to go talk to him so he could feel like a part of the group, but then I realized I didn't have anything to say to him and couldn't really remember what that 80's sitcom was he starred in. Plus I was drunk. So I didn't talk to him after all.

And that's that! Phew- god am I long winded. Now [loading my dart gun with tagging darts] to tag 8 new victims!

Tag, you're it Jen,Bridget, Kayte, Shawn, Erin, Dori, Nicole, and Lindsay! Can't wait to learn about you girls!


Erin said...

ahh, tagged again! i guess i will be forced to answer this time : )

i suddenly feel very bad for Alan Thicke.

Kate said...

Awwww you make me feel oh so special! I'm blushing I swear.

And by the way - celebrities aren't used to people NOT fawning over them, which is probably why Mr. Thicke was feeling a little uncomfortable.

Bridget said...

Ok, I listed my 8 things!

Poor Alan Thicke! My husband would have been super excited to see him at a party--he loves 80's sitcoms so much that's almost wrong :-)