Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gone Vacationing!

2 blog posts for May. Isn't that sad? What on earth have I been doing... eating PB&J, getting take-out, fasting? No, no- it was just a busy month with the main use of time being 10 days on the west coast for a vacation to San Francisco and Napa!

Oh, it was lovely- much needed and very entertaining. Not only did we see wonderful sights, we ate well. (This is a food blog, right? Gotta' mention the food.)

We had Italian in North Beach, Chinese in Chinatown, hippie California infused meals in Haight-Ashbury, sushi as recommended by a Japantown employee, as well as great Mexican, French, California wine, and cafe food.

Below are some highlights- then it's back to the cooking!

Thug life at Alcatraz

Feasting in Chinatown (Fried calamari with an asparagus appetizer in the background)

Riding the cable cars- hanging off the front!

On the observation deck of the DeYoung Museum

The Bridge

Wine tasting in Napa

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